Book Editing & Publishing every word counts...
The market is saturated of every kind of book about every theme. That´s why a Professional book editing can make or break a book. At PrintMotion we know how important it is to have your manuscript professionally edited. For that reason, we have experienced and skilled editors that will work in your book and help you get the most of it. Also, sometimes the process to get your book published can be a little scary, so don´t worry, we will help you to get your book professionaly produced in your hands!

Our book editing and publishing service include:
Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax
Correct errors in sentence structure and language usage
Ensure that plotline/narrative, dialogue, continuity, and characterization are consistent
Remove erroneous or irrelevant information
Reorganize paragraphs to make them more logical to the reader
Review the final interior after the manuscript has been formatted/typeset, just before the book goes to press, and correct only spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax
Isbn number set-up
Advising in the publishing or self-publishing process